Redundancies can occur where a business, or a particular workplace, closes, or where there is a requirement to reduce the size of the workforce. In the current economic climate making redundancies has been a step that many businesses have been forced to take.

If you are an employer, we can advise you on the correct and precise procedures you are required to take in making legitimate redundancies. We can advise you on how to correctly determine the objective criteria which will be used to select the candidates for redundancy and what steps need to be taken to investigate whether there are any alternatives available for the selected candidates.

If you are making 20 or more redundancies, you may also be obliged to collectively consult with your employees before implementing the same. We can guide you through this tricky process, as failure to do so may lead to awards of up to 90 days pay for each affected employee.

If you are an employee we can advise you on your rights and your employer‘s obligations and make sure that you are given clear, practical advice throughout the often stressful redundancy process.