General Dispute Resolution

There is an increasing trend towards resolving disputes, whether between businesses or individuals or between organisations and people as quickly, easily and as cost effectively as possible. This has led to a decrease in litigation in the courts and a rise in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. Alternative dispute resolution often gives people the ability to resolve their disputes in a way that would not be possible in the court process.

CBG Law acts for businesses and individuals in all manner of commercial and contractual disputes. We will work with you to agree what your objectives are, and we will work with you to achieve them.

CBG Law can help you if:

  • Any of your business rights have been infringed or you have a contractual or trade dispute
  • You are involved in court or legal action
  • You are in a dispute with a professional
  • You have suffered defective goods and services

Our way of working is to:

  • Agree your objectives with you: for example, do you want to litigate or would you like to resolve the dispute as soon as possible?
  • Agree with you the alternatives, the risks, costs and the consequences of any course of action
  • Agree with you a strategy and plan the most appropriate action for you to take: and this may be through the court, mediators or arbitrators
  • Manage your issues, keeping you informed throughout and working within agreed fee arrangements
  • Aim to resolve disputes to your satisfaction in the most cost effective way

What should I do next?

If you have any of the issues as stated above and would like legal advice, please call 020 7436 5151.